Top 15 Quick Tips

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1. Take your job search seriously.
If you want results, get busy and get yourself organized. Make it your priority by dedicating specific time on a daily basis to your check here and see updates and/or new contacts.

2. MARKET YOURSELF- Your qualifications and your contribution!
Use your communication skills to sell your value to your perspective employer(s) by highlighting your hands-on experience you have gained from training, full/part-time positions and education etc. Employers are looking for more than just your qualifications, they want hard work and initiative. To set yourself out from the crowd and create opportunity, package yourself as someone who will contribute and make a difference.

3. Be realistic and be positive.
Believe in yourself, You can do it! Know you have something to offer. Positive people radiate success which creates more open doors to opportunities. Think like a winner to get the job you deserve.

4. Are qualified for the positions you are pursuing?
Do your research, if you donít meet the criteria, don't waste your time chasing jobs you can't do.

5. Use job search tools: Resumes and Cover letters.
Stand out and make a positive impact.

6. Stand out and make a positive impact.
Show that you're an achiever that has the required skills and experience they are looking for.

7. Avoid excessive information in your cover letter.
Use your cover letter as an introduction and to show interest in the company not as a duplicate of your resume.

8. The objective of the resume is to get you the interview.
Make it simple and clear to land you the interview. Save all the details for the actual interview.

9. Be Truthful, Donít over exaggerate.
Sell what you have not what you don't have, on your resume, application or in the interview.

10. Be confident in answering interview questions.
Be honest about your strengths and stay on track to what the interviewer is looking for in a candidate. Practice your technique.

11. In the interview, avoid boasting and using big adjectives.
Simple and easy to understand makes it easier for you to present yourself as the best candidate for the position.

12. Avoid saying negative things about your current or previous employers.
Disrespecting your current/past employers will not portray you as a positive asset.

13. Always research the company and the job before the interview.
Be prepared! A lot of interviewers will want to know what you know about their company and why you want the job.

14 - In the interview, do you have any questions for us?

15. Be unique, be creative and be you!
Be unique and positive especially during interviews. Interviewers remember those who make a strong impact. Ensure you make a strong positive impression that shows youíre a positive asset to their company.

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