May 14, 2017


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Job Description:


Closing Date: 2017-06-30
Work Status: Full Time
Minimum Education: 4-Year College Degree

Job Requirements:

A1. Using the Case Evaluation Record (CER) or AQUA, the ED-Q conducts random case review (per the standards set by the NAED) to measure protocol compliance. The resulting completed CERs are then processed further and routed using quality improvement routing guidelines approved by the Dispatch Steering Committee.
2. The ED-Q is responsible for the organization, filing, and appropriate distribution of all quality improvement data, findings, and recommendations.
3. The ED-Q serves on several committees (e.g., the Dispatch Review Committee, the Dispatch Steering Committee, and, as appropriate, local, regional, and state dispatch-related committees).
4. The ED-Q coordinates emergency dispatch projects, research, and studies by organizing, retrieving, and filing case review data. This will necessarily involve working with data-processing personnel to meet state, national, and agency-related needs.
5. Using recognized and approved methods, the ED-Q manages and coordinates program development for emergency dispatcher training and continuing dispatch education.
6. The ED-Q coordinates and facilitates all emergency dispatcher certification and recertification training as required by the NAED.
7. The ED-Q is the liaison between all other aspects of the agency in matters relating to emergency dispatcher issues, such as feedback to operations.
8. The ED-Q helps provide direction and consistency for others on the QIU staff.
9. Since the primary responsibility of the position is to help manage behavioral changes and improve standards,
the ED-Q works closely with the communication center administration while reporting directly to the operations or training division. Therefore, the personal qualities required are:
Excellent interpersonal skills. The ability to demonstrate diplomacy and credibility when interacting with colleagues is essential. The ED-Qs colleagues may come from many emergency service dimensions, so an ability to converse well at all levels is appropriate.
A generous, empathic, and calm demeanor. When dealing with the various personality types found in emergency communication centers, the ED-Q will encounter many stressful situations. It is imperative that these situations be handled well.
A methodical and organized manner. This helps to ensure the continuing fundamental values and needs of quality improvement.
Awareness of the needs and feelings of the dispatch personnel.


Professional Qualifications Should Include:
1. Current certification as a paramedic (if reviewing EMD cases)
2. Current NAED certification as an emergency dispatcher for the Protocol for which the ED-Q will be performing case review
3. Completion of an NAED-certified ED-Q course
4. Computer literacy
5. Accurate keyboard skills
It is a requirement for this position that the holder achieve NAED certification as an ED-Q within one year of appointment.
This job description is not an exhaustive list of duties, responsibilities, or skills for the ED-Q position, but merely an overview. It is also appropriate to note that QIU personnel function most effectively outside of the formal communication center chain of command.
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