Job: Calling All Employers & Job Seekers in Dominica

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Posted Date: 2015-10-25 | Closing Date: 2075-12-31 | Viewed: 2571 times

Job Title: Calling All Employers & Job Seekers in Dominica

Job Category: Administration & Secretarial

Min Education: Some College

Work Status: Full Time

Job Description:
DominicaHotJobs is a long time established first and only online job recruitment service in Dominica.

This service will assist Employers enormously in recruiting professional, highly qualified and experienced individuals for any vacancy at your establishment utilizing the most efficient means possible and at ABSOLUTELY NO COST FOR LIFE.

Our Old database had 1965 registered Job Seekers and 182 registered Employers. Today we have transformed our product with a new look and a whole new perspective on making our service completely FREE to ALL for EVER. To the folks that was part of us on our old site, we urge you to re-register and enjoy this new website we have for you. Now job seekers can interact with each other via our messages, also Employers can interact with Job Seekers and more so, Job Seekers can market themselves FREE to the entire world using our "Look For Me" feature.



No more stack of countless Resume/CV documents that might get misplaced or left back at the office when needed.

Review resumes for consideration on a business trip without the baggage.

All Job Application goes to your email and into your "Applicant Notices" on our website with a link to their expressive resume on the same page. Bear in mind our website is Mobile Optimized, you can do this all on your SMART PHONE!

No more useless appointments with candidates without proper credentials.

All features fully functional and fast on any mobile device with our Mobile Compatible website.

Minus the HIGH COSTs of traditional advertising. Our service costs NOTHING FOR LIFE

Job vacancy notices are published immediately and at longer durations plus exposed to not just local but an international audience of job seekers.

Our website also holds the top 2 positions in the most used search engine in the world "Google" for the key phrases "Dominica Jobs" and "Jobs in Dominica" out over 11.5 MILLION RESULTS.

So get aboard, you have NOTHING to LOOSE but a new employee to GAIN.


DHJ Management Team


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