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Hello there, I bake and decorate delicious cakes and cupcakes for your personal consumption, parties or as a gift to friends and loved ones. Try me!!...
by. igo1526
Hi good day I am looking for a job on the road...
by. llR1518
pick me if you want a hardworking respectable young man ...
by. rvc1483
I am a 19 year old male on a serious job search, I\'m particularly interested in working as a security officer but other jobs can do as well. I\'ve worked many times before at a security fir...
by. kiG1482
Back home and I\'m looking for anything will do for now I\'m a strong young man and hv no problem with following orders or giving them, i am punctual, respectful, friendly/ Social, hard work...
by. rvC1479
I am available to work as a waitress,babysitter,housekeeper. I live in GrandBay Dominica....
by. saT1464
I live in Dominica ,I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist I need a job ..you can call me for.your night.duty or weekend works or a.full-time on 6126772...
by. dfo1332
I am looking for a job as a babysitter,sale rep,housekeeper,waitress or a bartender.I live in Dominica.If there is any please contact me on 6126772....
by. dfo1332
I need a sales representative, housekeeping, bartender, Waitress job. For any available one please contact Thank you 2768605 rebeccaakinrinmade@gmail.com...
by. beR1215
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