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Totally Free for Life

Assists enormously in recruiting professional, highly qualified employees as well as experienced individuals for your businesses at the most efficient means possible. Unlimited Job Postings all for Free.

Posting Resume & Notes

No Cost

Gives you access to a nationwide database of job openings. With creating an account, you will be able to search and apply for jobs right off the website instantly. Additionally, you are also able to market yourself using our "Posted Notes" called "Look4Me" at no cost to you

Left Banner Ads

Long $200 / 2 Months. Size: 257 by 333 pixels
Cube $170 / 2 Months. Size: 257 by 257 pixels

These are Picture Ads placed at the left of the website on every page.

Mail Dem

$450 Per Mass Mail.

Message each candidate in their "DHJ Mailbox" about your product or service in the form of image, text or video.

Welcome Screen Ad

$350 Per Month.

Picture/Text Ads placed on the welcome screen greeted by Job Seekers and Employers after they have logged in.

Top Pictorial Banner Ads

$350 2 Months.

These are Picture Ads placed at the top of the website for all to see. Size: 641 by 96 pixels


$179 2 Weeks

or $446 2 Months

A large population of our visitors come to our website from their mobile phone, more so 6 out of 7 people have smart phones. As you know, We do have an exclusive Mobile Version of TrahaEnAruba for our mobile visitors and users. If you are interested in fully capitalizing on your profits, consider "Be Mobile".

Email Placement Ads

$25 Per Month.

These are Text/Picture Ads placed at the bottom of every email we send out like NewsLetters, Job Applicant Emails, Articles and Company Ad-Ons Letters.

Featured Website

$131 2/Months

$223 5/Months

$335.20 7/Months

These are links placed to the left of the website which can be seen on every single webpage on this website including Resumes and Job Listings. Advertising your company website doesnt get better than this. It cant be missed!!

Promotion Ad Campaign

$850 per Campaign

These are business promotional ads with Text/Images that will be distributed throughout our entire database to Employers and Job Applicants.

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