Mastermind Group Facilitator & Business Networking/Events Organiser

December, 08, 2017

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I am from the United Kingdom, parents were both Dominicans

I have strong organisational skills, excellent oral and written communication with outstanding Customer Care skills.

Mastermind Group Facilitator
I facilitator the "Collective Intelligence" process in the form of a structured meeting where I get teams to pool their resources, knowledge, skills, expertise, information together to solve problems in a fraction of the time it would take having to do it all alone. I show teams how to unlock untapped potential and their creativity. Over a period time participating in this powerful process teams will be able to exceed their targets, productivity, saving their organisation time and money.

I am the PepTALKS Coach and through my PepTALKS programmes I show individuals how to master their mind and their life so that they can purposefully set their focus on key results of their job and to ascertain what they are thinking, saying and doing that sabotages their work efforts.

Mentoring ...
I am able to motivate young people on setting goals and helping them discover their life purpose and instill in them to have an entrepreneurial spirit

Business Networking Events Organiser
I have experiencing of organising Business Networking Events including speed networking and giving motivational talks teaching attendees how to master their mind so they can master their life.

Would love the opportunity to use these amazing skills in Dominica

by: S. Jarvis

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